Umbrella associations


What is Olympus?

Olympus is the umbrella association where all study associations of the beta-faculty are a member. Olympus tries to serve the interests of its member associations and the beta students, and it also tries to bring the students of the various associations closer together.

What does Olympus do?

Next to what is mentioned above, Olympus takes care of a plethora of affairs in and around the shared canteens. Here you can enjoy a delicious (special) tosti during the break or other snacks. Also outside the breaks you can go there for a soda or a candy bar. Furthermore, in the canteens the drinks hosted by the study associations take place. The Voorraadcie makes sure there is always plenty of stock for the drinks. Next to taking care of the canteens, Olympus organises the amazing BeestFeest in Doornroosje six times a year, a couple of drinks, the movie-night (a movie-marathon where you can watch movies in the faculty until 4 AM), LAN-parties, the Olympus day in the intro, and election debates.

Members of Olympus

Desdans who have meant a lot for Olympus

  • Rian Aarts — board 2015 – 2016, chief of faculty affairs
  • Thijs Heijligenberg — board 2017 – 2018, chairman
  • Roy Hendricks — board 2018 – 2019, general board member


The WISO is a deliberative body consisting of the Dutch study associations for mathematics and computer science. The goals of the WISO include:

  • Improving contact between the member study associations;
  • Improving the contact between the member associations and companies or associations in the relevant fields;
  • Coordinating activities with a national aim for students in mathematics or computer science.

These associations are members of the WISO: