W.S.V. Desda, the study association of mathematics in Nijmegen, was founded on April 16, 1986. Promoting student connections amongst peer students and with teachers has been the primary objective of W.S.V. Desda ever since.


In practice, being a member results in a enjoyable way to get in touch with fellow students. One of the highlights is the W.S.V. Desda weekend held in october, where you will quickly get to know all the mathematicians. Other activities include Diner Rouler, the variety evening, and the pancake-eat-and-running-festivity. Furthermore, there are more serious activities, such as lectures, symposia, and study trips.


Within W.S.V. Desda the board is responsible for the daily affairs. The committees are responsible for organising activities. There is a W.S.V. Desda magazine Volgens Bartjens, tournaments are held and there are excursions. Also, drinks are held in the canteens on a regular basis.


W.S.V. Desda tries to represent the opinions of its members within the official organs of the (sub)faculty and the university. We send a representative to the faculty student council (FSR) and the board visits meetings of umbrella organisations such as Olympus, the SOFv and the WISO.


Since the foundation of the association the symbol at the top of the page has been the logo of W.S.V. Desda. The logo can be interpreted in two ways: a double arrow, the mathematical symbol for if and only if (Dutch: desda) and the word W.S.V. Desda itself.