Become a sponsor

One of the few agencies in which all students of a specific program are united, is a student association. This serves a great opportunity for companies to increase name recognition using a specific focus group. W.S.V. Desda, the student association of mathematics in Nijmegen, is known for its active involvement and, moreover, enjoys the active participation of its members. To promote contact between its members and companies, W.S.V. Desda is open to collaborations.

W.S.V. Desda offers companies et. al. multiple standard opportunities to gain student awareness. Moreover, W.S.V. Desda is interested in your own suggestions. Below a short list of our sponsoring options:

  • Banners on Desda’s web site
  • Vacancies or company profiles on Desda’s web site
  • Ad pages in our association magazine
  • E-mails to members that are interested in e-mails from companies.
  • Posters on the beta faculty
  • Lectures or excursions

For more information on these options or for questions and suggestions you may contact Merijn van Delft at Being the external affairs officer, they concern themself with sponsoring.