ltr: Eskil, Sander, Jelmer, Lukas, Mart, Wouter, Douwe (Picture of www-Cie 2022-2023)

This committee has always been responsible for the website of W.S.V. Desda. The website you are watching has been built from scratch in 2017, and the www-Cie still maintains the website. They make sure the DesdApp functions as it should. The friendly vibes and the driven members really characterize the www-Cie.

De Presscie

The www-Cie has a subcommittee called De Presscie. They take care of this WordPress website.


This committee has the following members:

  • Wouter Damen—chair
  • Rens Bunkers
  • Eskil Dam
  • Alex van der Hulst
  • Jarno Keijer
  • Mart Koster
  • Job Toby
  • Lukas

The www-Cie is available via wwwcie-desda@science.ru.nl.