ltr. Top (on the screen): Casper, Frank & Isabelle. Middle: Casper (again), Nathan, Robert, Steven & Mart. Bottom: Luna, Lina, Josje, Silke & Gwen..

This committee is responsible for the Volgens Bartjens. This is W.S.V. Desda’s own magazine. It appears four times a year. Since 2015 there is an extra introduction edition, specially made for the new first year students and their mentors. The Volgens Bartjens has a number of regular features and columns, for example The chairs word, the pass-on interview and Friends book. Far from every piece is about maths. Most of the times the bartjens has some funny stories and reports about past activities. The committee is made out of a set of students. This set has a number of different non-disjoint subsets of students which are mainly working on the writing, or the editing or the lay-out. The committee is available via If you have written something, or have a great idea for the next edition, you can mail it to that address.

The committee is named after the 16th century schoolteacher Willem Bartjens. He is famous of his book De Cijfferinghe van Mr. Willem Bartjens. But mostly from the dutch expression Volgens Bartjens (according to Bartjens) which means that you completed a sum according to the book.

This committee has the following members:

  • Nathan Kruizinga – head
  • Gwen Bleckmann
  • Isabelle Bloo
  • Steven Bronsveld
  • Luna Cremers
  • Mart Koster
  • Robert Kunst
  • Josje van der Laan
  • Lennart Muijres
  • Lina Ta
  • Josien van den Tempel
  • Silke Wiersma
  • Casper de With

Bartjens is available via