Above ltr.: Renske, Rosa, Klaas, Kira, Friederike, Lena, Veerle, Steven, Maartje, David, Madelief and Nils.     Below ltr.: Lisa and Tjitske

The Subculinairesubsubcommissie (subculinarysubsubcommittee) takes care of, as you may expect, culinary activities. Every month, the Friday afternoon soup is served in the break, although rarely on a Friday. Next to this, the committee organises a supper in the student church. The student church offers a large kitchen and a dining room to facilitate a three-course diner. Also, every year we take W.S.V. Desda outside for a picnic.

The name of this committee comes from the fact that it was a subcommittee of the www-cie, which was a subcommittee of Brouwer itself. The committee started out as a subculinary committee in a sense, as they served nothing but soup.

The Subculinairesubsubcommissie has the following members:

  • Renske Zeppenfeldt—chair
  • Lisa Bakker
  • Luna Cremers
  • Veerle van Dongen
  • Mira Engel
  • Emma Ex
  • Steven Janssen
  • Tjitske Koster
  • Maartje Kramer
  • Rosa Kroonstuiver
  • Lena Lazarom
  • David van der Lugt
  • Nils Peters
  • Camilla Pieper
  • Friederike Schmitz
  • Madelief Slaats
  • Kira de Vries
  • Klaas Wonders

The Subculinairesubsubcommissie is available via


The Kerstcie is a subcommittee of the Subculinairesubsubcommissie. This subcommittee is responsible for the organisation of the yearly Christmas dinner.

The Kerstcie has the following members:

  • Tjitske Koster
  • Renske Zeppenfeldt