fltr.: Klaas, Luuk (below), Xander, Steven (above), Renske, Tristan, Allart and Toon.

Springer takes care of sport activities or games for W.S.V. Desda, by organising tournaments of various kinds for example. Some of Springer’s activities are: a hitchhiking competition, a pooling competition, the murder game, and of course the annual Pancake-Eat-Run-Festivity.

The committee is named after the mathematician Springer, just like Brouwer and Bartjens. The logo used to consist of a series of dice with the letters SPRINGER on them, connected by a wire with an ignition mechanism on the end. When choosing the name, a Dutch mathematician was the starting point and “Springer” felt sporty (just like how Brouwer was an applicable name).

This committee has the following members:

  • Toon Kolkman—chair
  • Luuk Crijns
  • Steven Janssen
  • Allart de Kroon
  • Xander Mullink
  • Camilla Pieper
  • Tristan van der Schaaf
  • Merijn Spitters
  • Klaas Wonders
  • Renske Zeppenfeldt

Springer’s honorary members are Britt van Veggel and Inge Mos.

Springer is available via springer@math.ru.nl.

The Chelcie is a subcommittee of Springer, which yearly organizes Chelsea’s birthday party on December 4th.

The members of the Chelcie are:

  • Luuk Crijns
  • Mira Engel
  • Simon Ruiz
  • Jildou Zeinstra