ttb-ltr: Allart; Bas, Thijs, Ilze, Tristan; Sari, Isabelle, Thomas, Jitske, Camilla, Silke; Bente.

The Springer committee takes care of sport activities or games for W.S.V. Desda, by organising tournaments of various kinds for example. Some of Springer’s activities are: a hitchhiking competition, a pooling competition, the murder game, and of course the annual Pancake-Eat-Run-Festivity.

The origin of the name Springer is not very clear. There is probably a connection with chess. The first edition of the Volgens Bartjes say: a better start than mr. Varma’s gift of chess, checkers, and cardgames is unthinkable for this games committee. There is also a dutch mathematician named T.A. Springer who worked in linear algebra. Whether the committee was named after a mathematician, as is the case for some other committees, remains unclear.

This committee has the following members:

  • Ilze van Kuilenburg — head
  • Jitske Bosma
  • Bente Bruurs
  • Thomas van Harskamp
  • Thijs Hoevenaars
  • Allart de Kroon
  • Sari Kuiers
  • Bas van der Linden
  • Camilla Pieper
  • Tristan van der Schaaf
  • Merijn Spitters
  • Silke Wiersma

Springer is available via springer@math.ru.nl.

The Chelcie is a subcommittee of Springer, which yearly organizes Chelsea’s birthday party on December 4th.

The members of the Chelcie are:

  • Mira Engel
  • Kees Heesterbeek
  • Lars Huiting
  • Marleen Jansen
  • Fleur Moerman
  • Camilla Pieper
  • Jildou Zeinstra