fltr.: Eskil, Luc, Daan, Pepijn, Toon, Simon, Allart, Lina, Friso, Douwe and Merijn

Until 2002 this committee was called ‘Noviomatics’, which is a portmanteau of Noviomagus (the Latin name of Nijmegen) and mathematics. With this English name, the committee was supposed to have a more dynamic image. This was the committee that made contact, and kept contact, with companies, and organised excursions to various companies. Also, the first BBB (the Beta Business Market) was organised in 1987 by this committee, together with the other study associations.

In 2002 the general assembly decided that the name was to be changed to ‘Gardner’, as the original name was not in line with the names of the other committees.

Martin Gardner played a very important role in popularising mathematics. In his column in Scientific American he showed many of his readers the beauty of mathematics, and he inspired many to study mathematics.


Normally Gardner organises excursions to companies a couple of times each year, where students could end up after their study. The excursions are preferably set up in such a way that they are specifically aimed at mathematics students, so they can form a clearer vision of what they can do after their studies. Usually, employees who studied mathematics give a lecture about their company. Such an excursion can be organised in conjunction with other (mathematics) study associations.


Next to this, Gardner organises lectures. The aim is to have these once a month. Aside from students many teachers and other staff members attend these. The subject of these lectures may vary from the Banach-Tarski paradox to applications of mathematics in music to anything topical concerned with mathematics.

Parents day

About once a year Gardner organises a day for parents. During this day parents, family, or acquaintances can get to know mathematics, and also W.S.V. Desda. On such a day multiple lectures are held, without any entrance level, so everyone will be able to follow along. The day is finished with drinks in the North canteen.


Gardner has the following members:

  • Allart de Kroon—hoofd
  • Casper Algera
  • Eskil Dam
  • Merijn van Delft
  • Friso van Dijk
  • Veerle van Dongen
  • Cleo Gerards
  • Ricky van Hees
  • Tom Hegeman
  • Thomas Hegger
  • Dieke van der Heijden
  • Toon Kolkman
  • Steyn Navis
  • Simon Ruiz
  • Lina Ta

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