fltr. fttb.: Roy, Justin, Sari, Maartje, Lennart, Inge, Annie, Jelle, Tijn, Ana, Sterre, Kira, Marleen, Cleo, Fleur, Marianka, Laura and Silke.

The Fotocie busies itself with, as the name may suggest, the taking of photos at activities of other committees.

The Fotocie also has a subcommittee, the Contentcreacie, which creates quarterly uploads on the Desda Instagram.

This committee has the following members:

  • Janna van Assen—chair
  • Luuk Crijns
  • Veerle van Dongen
  • Cleo Gerards—Contentcreacie
  • Jelle van der Horst
  • Thomas Jung
  • Sari Kuiers
  • Josje van der Laan
  • Lena Lazarom
  • Inge Mos—Contentcreacie
  • Lennart Muijres—Contentcreacie
  • Wouter Nieuwhof
  • Camilla Pieper
  • Simon Ruiz
  • Josien van den Tempel
  • Kira de Vries
  • Silke Wiersma—Contentcreacie
  • Max de Wilde
  • Wouter Zandsteeg
  • Jildou Zeinstra

The Fotocie is available via: