fltr. top row : Luuk, Max, Sam, Daan, Wouter, Menno, Jonna, Stijn, Nils and Mikki   fltr. bottom row : Veerle, Naomi, Louise, David and Renske

The Eerstejaarscie is a committee consisting of a dozen or so enthusiastic and active first-year students and one or two older students. The aim of this committee is to familiarise first year students with W.S.V. Desda, and also give them the opportunity to hang out together after the introduction. This is done by organising activities: for other first year students, for all mathematicians, or in cooperation with other study associations. Next to that, members of the Eerstejaarscie frequently help out in other committees to get to know them, and eventually letting them join other committees.

This committee has the following members:

  • Luuk Crijns—chair
  • Renske Zeppenfeldt—chair
  • Louise Boetje
  • Naomi van den Boorn
  • Veerle van Dongen
  • Daan de Groot
  • David Hegeman
  • Stijn van Nijnatten
  • Nils Peters
  • Menno Smit
  • Mikki Vermeer
  • Max de Wilde
  • Wouter Zandsteeg

The Eerstejaarscie is available via: