fltr. fttb.: Xander, Luuk, Allart, Nienke, Mart, Luc, Chimène, Ana and Cleo

Brouwer is the drinks and party committee of W.S.V. Desda. This is the ideal committee if you would like to relax for a bit after solving all those hard math problems. While enjoying your beverage you can chat or play a game with the other students. A lot of the drinks are themed, and do therefore have extra activities organized by another committee. This gives you the chance to enjoy a craft beer, a fresh made cocktail, have a game of beerpong, turn a wheel or grab something from the lucky bag.


Another activity by Brouwer is the cantus. The presidium of Ovum Novum makes sure that all Desdans are singing at the top of their voice while drinking enough beers to keep their throat lubricated. This activity is organized by the Cantuscie.


The Recurcie is a subcommittee of Brouwer. Every drink we take care of cups and ping pong balls, so everyone can enjoy a game of Rekruten (also known as Rage Cage and Stresspong). On top of that we organise the Rekruutborrel.

Brouwer has the following members:

  • Cleo Gerards—chair
  • Jitske Bosma
  • Luuk Crijns
  • Eskil Dam
  • Nienke Firing—Cantuscie
  • Thomas van Harskamp
  • Ana de Jong—Cantuscie
  • Mart Koster
  • Allart de Kroon—Recurcie
  • Lennart Muijres—Recurcie
  • Xander Mullink—Cantuscie & Recurcie
  • Chimène Poell
  • Tristan van der Schaaf
  • Luc van Vliet

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