fltr.: Mart, Casper, Eskil, Job, Marcel, Robin, Niels, Leif, Rebecca, Rens, Jan and Cleo.

This committee is responsible for the Volgens Bartjens. The Volgens Bartjens is the association’s magazine, that appears four times a year. Since 2015, there is also a yearly introduction edition of the Volgens Bartjens, specifically for the new first-year students and their mentors. The Volgens Bartjens has a few fixed sections, like the Word of the Chair, the Pass-on-interview and the Friend book. There are also some fixed columns. It is a misconception that everything in the Volgens Bartjens is about math; the magazine also contains fun pieces about W.S.V. Desda‘s activities.

The committee consists of a set of students of which different (non-disjunct) subsets work on writing, editing and the lay-out. You can reach the committee at the following e-mail address: If you have written a piece of have a fun idea for the next edition you can send it to this address.

The committee Bartjens is named after the 16th century Dutch school teacher Willem Bartjens, who is known for his math book De Cijfferinghe van Mr. Willem Bartjens, but mostly from the expression volgens Bartjens, which means that you have done an exercise cleanly according to the book.

This committee has the following members:

  • Mart Koster—chair
  • Gwen Bleckmann
  • Leif Bleijs
  • Eline Broekhuis
  • Rens Bunkers
  • Luna Cremers
  • Luuk Crijns
  • Eskil Dam
  • Zoé Dekker
  • Veerle van Dongen
  • Cleo Gerards
  • David Hegeman
  • Douwe Hoekstra
  • Allart de Kroon
  • Robert Kunst
  • Josje van der Laan
  • Marcel Lemay
  • Lennart Muijres
  • Robin van Nijen
  • Jan Schobers
  • Lina Ta
  • Job Toby
  • Mikki Vermeer
  • Silke Wiersma
  • Casper de With
  • Renske Zeppenfeldt