Working with data Working with data at the Tax and Customs at the Tax and Customs Administration Administration

The Tax and Customs Administration is on the move 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So are our data specialists working in the FIOD, Surcharges, Customs, or in the Data Fundamentals & Analytics (DF & A) component. With approximately six petabytes of data, DF & A is the largest and most dynamic data environment within the Dutch government. Given that every Dutch citizen is a Tax and Customs Administration client, we have a staggering amount of data from various sources. You can work on risk models (for example, fraud models), process optimizations, customized analyses (for example, for policy makers) and dynamic monitoring (using, among other tools, machine learning).

A developing discipline and department Data specialists can work anywhere within the Tax and Customs Administration, but DF & A in particular is a relatively young component still fully developing with many areas that have yet to be mined. There is a lot to do and the amount of data work is only growing. In order to meet this increasing demand, DF & A alone wants to grow to roughly 250 specialists in the near future. The current team (150+) consists primarily of data scientists, but analytical programmers, data analysts, front end developers, and functional managers also play an indispensable role.

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