For a long time the board of the Wortel organised activities for the alumni. In October 2019, W.S.V. Desda took over this responsibility. We are now looking for alumni who want to take place in the ‘Wortelcie’ (the comittee organising these activities) and/or alumni who we can contact for ideas. If you are interested please send an email to Don’t worry, this won’t take up much of your time, W.S.V. Desda will handle most things concerning the organisation, we are mostly looking for people who want to help brainstorm.

Rompertjes (baby romper):

In the General Members Meeting taking September 2019, our members voted to buy Desda baby rompers. If a (former) member becomes a parent and sends a birth announcement card to the board (contact information below), then we will send you a Desda baby romper and put your birth announcement card in the newsletter once. We are looking forward to the cards!

Next activity:

April 17th Desdas lustrum activity will take place for alumni for which we invite you. The program is as follows:
15h welcome and a small talk
15h30 activity
16h30 time for socializing and a drink
You can choose whether you want to join at the start of the activity or somewhere after. For the activity we will make teams based on academic year and mix them with participating staff and current Desda members. The socializing will take place on an online platform where you can decide with whom you would like to speak. We would like to offer a little treat for you to consume during the socializing. If you fill in this form no later than April 1st we will send a package with some treats to your home.
On behalf of the Lustrumcie and the Wortelcie: we hope to see you the 17th.

Alumni who already signed up:
Jan 1960-1966
Peter 1962-1968
Joseph 1965-1969
Lianne 1978-1985
Patrick 1983-2021
Richard 1985-1989
John 1986-1992
Guus 1987-1993
Twan 1988-1993
Bart-Jan 1988-1995
Francien 1989-1996
Adriaan 1990-1998
Mignon 1991-1998
Mijke 1994-1999
Anne-Marie 1994-2000
Lies 1996-2001
Martijn 1996-2001
Jan 1997-2002
Bart-Jan 1999-2005
Peter 2008-2014
Teun 2010-2016
Bartjan 2011-2017
Elena 2011-2017
Anita 2013-2019
Margot 2014-2021
Dennis 2016-2020
Anouk 2017-2020

For any questions and/or remarks you may contact For questions and/or remarks concerning the baby rompers you may contact the board.