ltr. Jasper, Nienke, Janna, Allart, Jildou, Xander, Nathan and Koen.

The 37-Cie is the lustrum committee for Desda’s 37th birthday! Because this is of course going to be a very important birthday, we are going to celebrate it well, and this committee is going to organise the festivities! The 37-Cie consists of the following people:

  • Allart de Kroon – head
  • Janna van Assen – secretary
  • Nathan Kruizinga – treasurer
  • Nienke Firing
  • Tjitske Koster
  • Xander Mullink
  • Jasper Verheul
  • Koen de Vries
  • Jildou Zeinstra

The 37-Cie is available via 37cie@desda.org.