Desda hoodies, vests and sports shirts

Last year some of you were already exited for the sports shirts, but now they are finally here! And not just that, because the Desda hoodies and vests are also back! The sportshirts are available in men’s and women’s sizes, and the hoodies and vests are unisex. The size charts are at the bottom of the page.

Untill sunday november 8th you can email to if you want a sports shirt, hoodie or vest. Because of corona there is no opportunity this year to try on the hoodies, vests and shirts. If you mailed that you want a hoodie, vest or sports shirt, you will get a mail with a direct debit auhtorisation. On this form you can fill in which size you want. The sports shirts will cost at most 15 euro and the hoodies and vests at most 25 euro.



If you want, you can have your name underneath the W.S.V. Desda-logo on your hoodie or vest.

Size Charts

Size chart hoodies and vests
Size chart sports shirts men
Size chart sports shirts women