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Interested in technology? Get to know UL Transaction Security!

UL’s Transaction Security division is one of UL’s fast growing, stable divisions, employ¬ing a group of experts working on innovative projects globally. UL’s Transaction Security division acts as the inde¬pendent, trusted partner for end-to-end transaction security services for the Mobile & Payment, Transit and ID Management sectors worldwide.

Interested in the technologies behind paying with your mobile phone? Are you sure your payment (contact or contactless) is secure? Interested in paying your journey by public transport by checking in with your mobile phone? There are many ways to explore and develop yourself within the company.

Mobile & Payments
As front runners and thought leaders in both these industries, we are the authority on the mobile payments front. UL Transaction Security acts as a trusted advisor for financial institu¬tions, helping them to build secure banking and payment systems based on card, online and mobile payments.

We are the experts in supporting transport schemes, agencies and vendors to implement future-proof Automated Fare Collection (AFC) systems and to help define the right stepping stones to integrate new technologies such as Mobile, NFC and Contactless Payment for transit.

Data Security
The virtual, digital world is becoming part of our public space. Electronic documents in the public space need to be secure and interoperable so they can be integrated with back office systems and registers to build complete schemes. UL is involved in several projects with governments to keep information secure and make it interoperable.

Interested to start your first job as an associate, there are several tracks possible:
• Advisory & Education (Technical Consultancy)
• Products (Software/hardware development)
• Compliance & Interoperability services(Technical Analyst)
• Commercial (Sales)
• Security Evaluations (Security Analyst, Hardware Security Evaluator)

UL is looking for new talent year-round to strengthen the team. Please visit our website www.ul-ts.com/jobs for more information. Looking forward to meeting you!